Having spent almost a week in Ubud (located in the middle of Bali) I decided that my next move was going to be to the Gili Islands of Lombok – paradise, as some might say.

I took the bus to Padang Bai and the ferry over to Gili Trawangan on Sunday morning. Gili Trawangan is the biggest of the Gili Islands, the two others being Gili Meno and Gili Air. Some had told me it’d be nothing but crazy parties and no sleep, while others had assured me that there’d be other things to do, too. As Gili Meno is supposed to be a honeymoon destination and Gili Air more quiet and peaceful, I thought I’d give Gili T a try.

Once at the beach I got off the boat and although the main street was full of tourists (most think of that as a negative thing), I quite enjoyed it. I was happy to be close to the beach and, to be honest, amongst a lot of tourists. Life, you know.

There are no cars or motorbikes on Gili Trawangan, only horses (not cool) and regular bikes.

Asha, the British girl I’d met in Ubud, had arrived at the island a few days earlier, so I met up with her after having gotten my hostel room. After careful consideration (of course!) I had booked a room at La Boheme. They turned out to be overbooked, however, which means I would’ve gotten a mattress on a loft above the hangout area, from where you could climb a ladder to the 8 m2 sleeping area. Hell no, I thought, and told them that I’m very sorry but I’d really like to have walls where I sleep, and so I got transferred to their sister hostel, La Boheme Sister, where apparently they’d have a bed for me. Although it was like that from a doctor’s room and there was a hole in the wall next to me, summing it up the hostel was still better than the first one, so I was happy to have changed.

La Boheme Sister.

Outside the hostel.

My bed.

I met up with Asha at a café, and we took a walk around the island. Apparently I’d brought the rain with me; it started raining. To be honest, though, it didn’t really matter. I was surprised by how little I cared about the fact that I was soaking wet and looked like a drenched rat.

This would never happen in Finland. 

Life was good.

The many picturesque spots on the island show that there’s so much more to it than just partying.

The following day was spent on the beach. Asha left, and I fell asleep. I was feeling a little low. What am I doing on this island? Where am I going?

The view from the beach with Lombok in the background.

First beach day: check!

I went back to the hostel and met a bunch of people with whom I went to look at the sunset. We took a few (maybe 10) swing photos in the sunset. The view was absolutely beautiful. Someone knew that they’d show a movie at the beach a few hundred meters away, so we ended up spending the night watching Night at the Museum with drinks in our hands, leaning back on beanbags. The stars were bright and I found myself thinking: wow, this is pretty darn cool.

Ocean air, salty hair, sandy toes and a sunkissed nose… Yes, please!

Tuesday was spent on a sundeck (I so prefer the pool to the beach!) and taking a sunset yoga class on the beach.

Yoga with a view.

On Wednesday we biked around the island with a bunch of people, had lunch in a cosy beach hut, did some shopping and organized for the Mount Rinjani trek that me and Lauren, a girl from New York, had decided to do – Lauren a little earlier than me, though, who had never even heard of the volcano. Apparently it’s the 2nd highest in Indonesia at 3726 meters above sea level, and takes three days to trek.

What have I gotten myself into…?

However why not try something new?

Lunch with a view…

…in one of these. One could easily spend a whole day here!

All smiles with happy people! Me, Lauren (from New York) and Harriet (from London).

From Mt. Batur at roughly 1700 meters above sea level to Mt. Rinjani at 3726, one week to the next, I wonder what’s up next – 5700, anyone?!

x Anna