Thinking back to my childhood, I used to have very mixed feelings about oatmeal. My dad would make it for breakfast every now and then, which my brother and sister would hate. They didn’t like it at all, but I kind of did; however, only when it was served with mashed banana, and occasionally raisins, too. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it was okay. Had we run out of bananas, well… no.

When still on Gili Air I was wondering if it’s possible to get sick of healthy food. There is so much healthy food around here that I can count the times I’ve had Indonesian food with one hand. A shame, some might say, but then again I’ve finally come to learn to listen to myself and go for what I want rather than for what I should, so it’s good.

The breakfast menus are my absolute favorite. I’ve had more smoothie bowls during the past month than ever before, one more colorful than the other. Healthy juices, delicious fruit salads with yoghurt and granola. Sourdough, avocado and poached eggs. Yummy!

Although it’s way cheaper than at home, it’s still more expensive than going to a traditional warung, one of the modest small family-owned restaurants, and having Indonesia’s signature dish, Nasi Goreng. While the fried rice costs you about 2 EUR, a healthy meal easily adds up to 6-7 EUR. You might not want fried rice for breakfast, I know, but you get the point. It adds up.

Despite being considerate of my finances, it’s not just about the money, though. You know that feeling when too much is just too much, and all you want is something neutral and, some might say, boring? That is how I feel right now. While writing this, I’m enjoying – yes, enjoying – a bowl of oatmeal, banana and raisins, and it tastes so good.

Oh, oatmeal!

No need for a 15-minute bike ride to get to a cafe, but a quiet morning at the hostel while all the (party) people are still asleep. That is when instant oatmeal comes and saves your day.

More is not always more.

Have a great Sunday, folks!

x Anna