It’s all about perspective.

– A bunch of Legends in Margaret River


…location: the arrivals hall at Melbourne Airport terminal 2 (waiting for my dad to arrive)
…feeling: super tired after no more than 3 hours of sleep on a freezing cold 1 am flight that gave me a sore throat. I want my bed and I want it now!
…state of mind: N/A.

So I’ve just arrived in Melbourne. 12 hours ago I was having a simple yet super delicious home cooked pasta with a glass of coconut water at Bryanna and Dylan’s house, and now, all of a sudden, I’m here.

Goodbye West, hello East!

Yesterday marked three months since I left home. Three months! That feels like forever. How much have I seen and done and experienced, I can’t even tell, because at the same time it feels like no time at all. So many experiences, so many new thoughts and insights, especially after the past three weeks in Perth. Fall has come and gone, and Christmas is just around the corner. I keep forgetting that it’s December, it just doesn’t fit in, so every time I walk into a store I get as caught off guard by the Christmas carols that they’re playing.

Last night when driving me to the airport I told Dylan that Perth’s never been on my list of cities to visit. Australia as a country, yes, but Perth in particular? Nah. Thankfully enough, though, you sometimes end up visiting a place just because of the people, like now, and wow – what a great start it was to my time in Australia!

When traveling I find that it’s always about the people, always. This was no exception. Welcoming me into their new house and home, life, Dylan and Bryanna were the best hosts that one could possibly wish for. Their whole family was absolutely lovely and their friends super nice. I loved the little big city of Perth with its cafes and parks and laid back atmosphere. Thanks to my daily routine of going to yoga classes and exploring places recommended to me by locals I feel that I got a fairly good glimpse of everyday life in the capital of Western Australia, and I very much enjoyed it.

My last week in Perth included i.a. a day trip to Fremantle accompanied by Célia, a visit to the rooftop movies, a gymnastics class and my first forearm stand ever (!!!), yoga, and with that yet another happy realization of making progress, this time in hot yoga; some serious stretching, one last breakfast with Rob, a little shopping (mainly of Christmas cards), cake, and a cheeky little weekend trip to Margaret River with Dylan & co.

Day trip to Fremantle.

The world’s my oyster, and yours too!

Célia and I on our little Tuesday tasting at Little Creatures Brewing.

Rooftop movies.

No words to describe the feeling of accomplishment!!!

Breakfast in East Vic Park with Rob.

“Life is short so lick the bowl and eat the cake.”

As they say around here, we hit the frog and toad (= the road) on Friday morning and drove down south to the winery region of Margaret River for a few days of exploring what everyone’s described to me as an absolutely beautiful place. We spent our days driving around the region on the hunt for wine, cheese, chocolate and other samples in between visits to the beautiful shoreline. While our breakfasts consisted of the classic combination of greek yogurt, muesli and banana, we treated ourselves to tasty brewery lunches and pre-dinner sunset-watching wine and cheese in the back of the car. The weather wasn’t great, but the company was, as were the landscapes.

This was the first time that I felt like I’m really in Australia now.

Not quite sure what the guys are doing but it definitely looks like they’re analyzing Bryanna setting up the tent.

Dylan and Bryanna all set for the sunset (and maybe some cheese and crackers, too).

Hanging on to the moment.

“It’s all about perspective” became the mantra of the trip. We were exploring Injidup Beach on Saturday when it started raining. Someone suggested we should go back to the car, but we came to the conclusion that a little rain never killed nobody, so we thought we might as well (learn to) dance in the rain (you know the quote, right?)… no, just kidding. There was no dancing on the agenda, but we did decide to enjoy it while we were at it. It was quite a nice feeling, and hiding from the rain under the trees turned out to be a lot of fun. I really am cliché dropping now, I know, and I’m sorry for that (although I must say I do love it), but:

It is not the way you look, but the way you see.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Ours were definitely half full and not just literally. I’m going to do my very best to keep myself hydrated also in the future, if you know what I mean.

Injidup Beach.


Dylan doing his thing.

Waiting for the rain to pass. Life is good!

Blurry picnic in the back of the car and I got a feeling that I’m in Australia now.

Brewery time!

Took a pitstop at Voyager vinyard. Those vines!

Beautiful landscapes!

It kind of felt like we might as well have been in America.

When I first met Dylan almost four years ago in Canada, we bonded over the fact that we were both ‘old’. While everyone else was 19-20, we were as old as 23, which, at that time, felt super old (thus my still-going-strong nickname Granna: grandma + Anna… yup). We are very similar in a sense that we think a lot, and what follows from that in three weeks’ time is a decent amount of aha-moments thanks to 1) so many good conversations, 2) time to reflect on things, 3) a shared forward-striving mindset. It is safe to say that digesting all the fresh thoughts is going to take its time, but so be it, I’m in no hurry. I have, however, noticed that I’m slowly starting to feel like getting back to business. Having been away for just over three months now that’s a relieving insight. If I ever thought I’d lose my ambitions, I was wrong. Phew!

Injidup Springs.

Moving on… constantly moving on.

Now it’s 11 am and I’ve been sitting here on the floor next to the only power outlet I could find in all of the arrivals hall for almost five hours. Hopefully dad will show up soon and I’ll get my much needed power nap, one that I’m trusting he’s going to need too, after which we’ll be fit for fight and all set to go explore Melbourne.

x Anna