When in Melbourne, they say you get to experience all four seasons in a day (or three; I guess winter’s excluded).

Five days in the city that ranks number one on the list of world’s most liveable cities was enough for me to know better than to disagree with that.

As if a temperature of a mere 12 degrees hadn’t been enough, resembling what I would call fall in Finland, we got to experience brisk close-to-umbrella-breaking winds and random showers of rain just as we’d gotten rid of that extra layer of clothes that we were wearing because of that one hot spot in the sun that we’d entered by accident.

Ah, maybe today’s going to be sunny after all?

No. Don’t let yourself be fooled. A few minutes later you’d be back to shivering and have to put on that extra layer of clothes, which by the way wasn’t a lot, again. And the same would go on and on and on… Considering I’m used to the four seasons and better yet, a fan of them all, I would’ve expected to be better prepared for what the weather gods had in store for us, but no, I clearly wasn’t.

Dad: ”Not that I mind it not being super hot, but I was expecting to be getting some sun…”

I mean, how would you picture summer in Australia…?


Streets of Melbourne.

A spring of light.

A different kind of Independence Day dinner. Having done a few beer tastings in Margaret River the weekend before, I decided to continue getting acquainted with the world of craft beer. Slowly but surely, you know!

Round it off with a Banoffee Sunday, they said, and so I did. Yum!

Was it last weekend’s camping in Margaret River or a result of my freezing cold flight in the small hours of Monday morning combined with the lack of sleep and my four-hour post-flight hangout session on the floor in the arrivals hall, I don’t know, but I managed to catch the flu and I haven’t been feeling very well since. Thanks to that, the constantly changing weather has felt even more unbearable. Neither the summer dresses that I asked to get sent to me from home nor the (mostly beach-appropriate) contents of my backpack that were perfect for SEA and still take up a fair share of my backpack have come in handy. For two days in a row now I’ve been wearing my warmest clothes, I even got one of those grandpa’s sweaters from a thrift store, but unfortunately enough they haven’t done the trick. They’re just not warm enough.

Thus, note to self: go shopping. There’s no point in postponing it and continuing to freeze not to mention be sick.

Dad’s upside-down-turned daily routine has added its twist to it all, too. We arrived in the city just after noon on Monday, but check-in wasn’t until 2 pm so we went to get something to eat before returning to the hotel for a sweet five-hour power nap. So, that was our first day.

Besides maintaining an exceptionally random sleeping routine, the rest of the week’s been spent exploring the city and its different neighborhoods. Southbank, CBD (’central business district’), Carlton, Docklands, St Kilda and South Yarra, to name a few. One night we went to Queen Victoria Market, a super nice daytime-turned-nighttime market just north of the city centre, and another two nights I met up with a friend of mine from home, Thomas, and a bunch of Finns that he’s been traveling with.

What else to indulge in when in the Italian neighborhood?

Queen Victoria Market. Both the food and the drinks looked absolutely delicious! Too bad (or luckily) I’d brought no cash, hmm.

Loved the setting!

Here, there, everywhere.

Having left Finland just a few weeks after me, Thomas has traveled down the East Coast and arrived in Melbourne last week with plans to stay for a couple of months. It was fun to catch up with him and hear what he’s been up to. Also, it wasn’t too bad to get a little push as far as looking for a job’s concerned, either: when I last talked to him on Friday it very much looked like he was about to land job nr 2, all within the span of three days. Not bad. One more month of holidaying for me, though, no matter how motivated I’d be to start working right now.

Never mind the quality of this seemingly color coded white photo, okay! Working Thomas and holidaying I. 

St Kilda Beach. Brrr!

Our hotel was located right next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, a beautiful park just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. One of the two sunny days we had we went for a run in the park and it was super nice. So peaceful and so quiet, yet so close to the hustle and bustle of the city, which, by the way, wasn’t at all as big-city-like as I’d expected. Dad even thought it looked like a beach holiday destination, if it makes any sense. Kind of European, they say.

Cityscape from the Shrine of Remembrance. 

And that was about it. Taking into account my low energy levels + dad’s jetlag + our slightly differing interests + the depressing weather + all things that come along when meeting up with someone from home after such a long time, I feel like I didn’t get (to make) the most of my time in Melbourne, meaning that I’ll definitely be back.

Sunset over Yarra River.

Yup. Definitely coming back!

x Anna