It is 2.23 am and I’m wide awake. I thought I was immune to caffeine, but apparently I was wrong. The barista accidentally made me an extra strong flat white at work this afternoon; I told her not to worry about it and so here we are. My stomach is loud, wanting breakfast, and my brain is at its sharpest, spitting out these words as I’m trying to hit the right buttons on my phone (yes – no laptops here).

I’m awake, so I might as well write, right?

The last of the seven girls who I’m sharing the room with just came in. Everyone’s asleep. It’s Friday night and I have work at 6.30 am. I had my first shift last Friday, second on Monday and third on Tuesday, only I didn’t as I was feeling cold and flu-ey, so I went to work at 6.15 am only to make a U-turn and head straight back to bed.

So I managed to get through two weeks in job #1 and two days in job #2… It was the most frustrating three days spent inside the walls of Big Hostel. Eat, sleep, tea, repeat, with a twist of Berocca. Tiger balm all over my face (try it, it really works!) and a ton of tissues (or toilet paper; when in a hostel…). 

The days were numbing. Having woken up to bad news from home after way too few hours of sleep on Tuesday morning, and been sent home from work, Tuesday turned into a loooong day. When shock and sadness came out as tears at night, I felt grateful for having Isabel and the girls around me. Rachel, an Irish girl, brought us tea and biscuits to where we were sitting in the hallway. My new group of friends. 

Wednesday was my day off, so I didn’t have to feel bad for being ill (normally I don’t consider myself ill unless I have a fever, which I never do, but working in food & beverage changes the rules). I woke up to have breakfast at 7 am, went back to bed an hour later, got up for lunch at noon, fell asleep again and woke up at 6 pm, thinking it’s best to get up for a few hours if I wish to sleep at night. 

Thursday was a bit better. We had a staff meeting in the evening that I could not have been more excited to go to although I had had to take the day off. It was high time to get out of the hostel. I was introduced to all of the team and we had pizza and beers, which was a nice bonus. I finally got my t-shirts and found myself feeling childishly happy for my new job and colleagues.

Excited to go to work this morning (Friday) I came to the simple conclusion that I’m on the right path. What a feeling!

Tomorrow, though… I might need another one of those coffees.

Good night, world!