I have a feeling that this blog has turned into a channel for venting. Obviously it is a way for me to get things out of my head. Lately, however, there’s been so much information coming in that I’ve had no time to get things out. Reading one book here and another one there in order to make progress and grow, faster, faster, adds up to an overwhelming ‘inflow’ and a head full of thoughts and ideas popping up here and there and everywhere. Sadly, most of them disappear as soon as they’ve showed up as there’s neither time nor space to store everything. Currently in the midst of a one-week reading deprivation, which means I should minimize all external input – books, emails, movies, messages, social media – to make space for myself, suddenly I feel a huge urge to write. Thus, here I am.

Right now my thoughts are in the future (is anyone surprised?). The other day I realized that I’ve already been away from home for 8 months. 8 months! That’s almost a school year, which is almost a calendar year. It feels like 4, tops!

What’s going to happen next? Well, there’s a few questions that need to be answered. Do I want to do my farm work and get my 2nd year visa? In my head I’ve at no point doubted the fact that I’d do, ’cause obviously I want to keep that door open, but what if I don’t? What if I’d have a full five months ‘off’ (read: no obligations to do my farm work) before I am forced to leave the country in November? I could do anything I feel like, anything I want. Anything I want…

I’ve been thinking about doing a yoga teacher training, not so much to teach but to learn for myself. Also, kind of like Lauren wanted to do Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia, the other week Rachel told me she wants to do Everest Basecamp, and without a second’s hesitation I said yes – yes, I’m coming with you! So that’ll happen in 2018. Then I’d like to visit New Zealand, Vietnam and travel around South-East Asia… visit home… ahhh, the amount of possibilities! (…and the current lack of money, hmpf.)

Back to the ‘now’, though. It is the weirdest thing to be heading towards winter while back home it’s getting lighter and brighter and more sunny and summery for every day that goes by, in theory if not in real life. Over here, however, it’s getting darker and darker so were burning candles and I’m singing Christmas carols – crazy, yes, I know! – and I don’t know, it’s like something’s missing, something’s not right. Winter is coming but Christmas is not, it’s almost May and I can’t seem to get my head around it. I am confused.

Anyways, except for a little less rainy weather, what’s been going on lately? Everyday life, meaning that…

…I’ve participated in a mindful triathlon. On the day of my grandma’s funeral, Rachel and I participated in Wanderlust 108, a yoga festival that combines running, yoga and meditation in a city setting. I had asked for the weekend off at work, and figured I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing, so I got myself a ticket. I’ve never considered myself a festival person, but now I think it’s safe to say I do. I loved it! And I even won third price in an Instagram post competition – YES! Free gym classes and two vouchers, cheeeck.

More events like this, please!

Winning at Wanderlust!

…I’ve read and written a lot. Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Julia Cameron’s Artist Way. As for the writing… my morning pages. So. Much. To. Take. In.

…I’ve started working in North Bondi. Same café, different location just a few kilometers away, which by bus take a full 40 minutes, though. To my embarrassment I must admit that I’ve had to take a few Ubers because of time optimism, but oh well. Better luck next time!

Bondi Beach at sunrise. Can you see why the commute to the Bondi shop suits me just a tiny bit better than to Surry Hills?

Lovin’ all the smoothies at work!

Bondi Beach. A quick pitstop on my way home… Yes, please!

…I’ve spent quality time with my housemates, doing things that were never possible in a hostel: cooking, watching movies, taking walks, chilling…

My roommate Laure from France. Bon voyage!

…I’ve organized my very first Easter Egg Hunt. That feeling of having friends (!) come over to your new home (!!) to hunt chocolate eggs in your backyard (!!!) and then have a potluck dinner and drinks, well, friends, that’s something. It struck me that I really live here now. I’m a local!

All set & SO EXCITED!!!

Let the egg hunt begin! (That white area in the background is the sea.)

…I’ve celebrated Isabel’s birthday, and realized that I’m meant to live life all in. I mean, it’s even in my name! It hit me when I was writing her a birthday message on Facebook and I was slightly shocked (Isabel’s been telling me to be “all in” at parties ever since I got here, the meaning of which we don’t need to dig into any deeper). It is time to live life all in, however not as measured by performance and to do’s, but by the number of moments that take my breath away – another cliché, I know!

Luc, Isabel and I… having a snack at Hungry Jack’s on Isabel’s birthday.

…I’m learning French. Just kidding. How impossible is the r-sound!? How do you not pronounce ’Laure’ [lo:]?

…and so forth. Normal, everyday life, I dare say.

Except for the work commute things are actually pretty good.

Have a happy weekend, folks!