”But there’s so much to smile about, so why waste your time wiping down those tears?”
–R.M. Drake

We were at the New South Wales State Library. The nr 1 fan of post cards that I am, I spent a decent amount of time scanning through their selection of cards. I found one that I wanted to buy, I just had to buy it for one of my friends, but the message wasn’t really suitable at the moment and I felt like actually sending a post card to someone, so I suggested we’d both buy one that we’d write and send to someone that very same day. How fun doesn’t that sound!

At first, I had a feeling that my friend wasn’t quite convinced of the idea, but eventually he came along. A few hours later we sat down on a highly royal-looking couch in a tea room at the Queen Victoria Mall (those who know it might just be able to imagine the couch). We spent some time eyeing an Asian couple who was sitting just a few tables away from us. The female of the two was trying to get the perfect selfie of herself with that lovely cup of tea of hers and some biscuits on the side. Oh my, the world we live in…

My friend decided to send his card to his grandma as she’s the one who’s least likely to have access to Internet and stuff. Reasoning in a similar manner, it was obvious to me that I’d send mine to my grandpa.

So we wrote our cards, and I took them to a mail box the day after.

I was thinking that I’d call, too, but I then figured that if I did then the post card wouldn’t make any sense, so I decided I’d wait a couple of weeks.

Wait a couple of weeks.


A couple of weeks.


As that was Saturday and today is Wednesday and Monday was a public holiday, I’m not sure if the card’s even left the country yet. What I do know, however, is that it doesn’t really matter anymore, because today I woke up to a (surprisingly early for me, super late for her) text from mum asking me if I’m already up, and one from my sister wondering if I’ve heard about grandpa–

I sent a post card, but I should have called. 

I should have called, because now he, too, have left this world. Unexpectedly, exactly three months after my grandma. In the meantime, somewhere over the rainbow there is a post card on its way, bound never to be received by its recipient.

That feeling is, what can I say… bizarre. Tragicomic. I know he’s in a better place now, that funny old man, but why, oh why, didn’t I just give him a call instead?


Rest in peace, moffa. ♥

What can I say?

Call your grandparents today. You won’t (and do not want to) regret it!

Love always,

“Enkeli osaa lentää
ja lintu ja kuka vaan
kunhan on siivet sydämessä
ja tuuleen uskaltaa.”