It’s Wednesday the 13th of September and I’m sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean. With the hills of Bronte right in front of me, I cannot help but think to myself what a beautiful place this is – so incredibly beautiful, and mine to enjoy for one more week only.

How I’ll miss this view. The sun that rises in the horizon every single day making even the shittiest of days a good one; the colors that take over the sky at sunset, floating forward like the strokes of a brush on a canvas, and the massive full moon that once a month makes the ocean shimmer like a diamond. Considering where I used to live just a little over a year ago, my living arrangements could not have turned out much better here.


I’ll miss having so much nature right at my fingertips. I’ll miss the coastal walk with the massive waves rolling into the shore, the people running back and forth in their activewear and the surfers in the water, both telling tales of the lifestyle of locals. All the day trips, the walking and hiking that I never used to do at home, ever – why?! I have no idea!

So easily accessible, especially on Sundays with unlimited public transportation for just AUD 2.50, there is no reason to not be active here. Wherever I go from here, I will definitely take my new hobby with me.

Hanging out with my mates in Morriset Park.

I’ll miss… work? Yes, work. I’ll miss the coffee, the pastries and all the super delicious food that I’ve gotten to enjoy where I’ve worked, all for free. The smoothies and sweet potato & kale salad of Bondi Wholefoods; the brekkie salad with halloumi at Bellagio. The questioning of what to do on a quiet day at work and all those 70’s songs that I now know by heart (#neverforget). The regular customers that you either like or… not so much, and all the three-year-olds that are introduced to the coffee frenzy of this place by babycinos, i.e. milk froth with some chocolate on top accompanied by a marshmallow, as soon as they can walk. Crazy, I know.

And the people, oh, the people. What a fun bunch of internationals!

Bellagio Tuckshop – serving coffee since 2014.

And I’ll miss the bright side of life, the emphasis that is put on the little things that so very often end up being the big things. I mean, how beautiful can a coffee or food be? There seems to be no limits here, but should there be?! If someone finds something absolutely [insert superlative], what’s wrong with that? That’s their win– no, sorry, that’s everyone’s win; yours and mine, too. Why not consider the cup half full? Or 3/4 if you like, jajajaja!

Green breakfast salad + halloumi = THE dish!

I’ll miss Bronte. I’ll miss the hills, the ups and downs of the streets the running of which have for sure improved my level of fitness (yes, I call it fitness – come and try it for yourself if you don’t believe me!).

The dysfunctional public transportation and the 440 that never came, or then it did but I was just not there yet – story of my life.

The bubble of Bondi Beach, a place that does not seize to amaze me no matter how touristy it is. Imagine being on vacation 365 days a year – that’s what it feels like, walking the streets of Bondi. With cafés, bars and restaurants lined up one after the other with the occasional surf shop or boutique store in between, it is quite the bubble, yet people live there; some are lucky to call it their home.

Sunrise at Bronte Beach. Early bird catches the rays!

I’ll miss Sydney, and I’ll miss its people; all of the amazing individuals that I’m lucky to have crossed paths with, even if just briefly. Despite having promised myself to not fall for the cliché, you have made this experience all that it’s been. You are awesome!

The simplicity of life, and the sense of opportunity that’s been there all along, mine to grab whenever I want.

The little (big) things… even the ridiculously random price war of the bananas at Eastgate, hmm.

THE grannies!

What can I say? I’ll miss a whole lot of things.

Sydney, you’ve been beyond good to me.