Three hyperactive days in Sydney and I find myself in South-East Asia. All those world-class cups of coffee, all that delicious food and the awesome people that made me feel like coming home when I got back on Monday has now turned into white bread, noodles and unaccessible power plugs because I have no adapter. And being all by myself, of course.

Despite being a last-minute packer, I tend to be quite good at not forgetting about things; quite the opposite. I pack anything and everything that there’s the slightest chance I’ll need, resulting in a MASSIVE suitcase (Eestikappsäcken, as those who know me from Helsinki might remember) with WAY TOO MUCH stuff. This time around, though, I felt – and was, clearly – more disorganized than ever. Was it because of not wanting to as much as think about leaving Australia behind, I don’t know, but except for having made sure that I have enough activewear (!) for the YTT I did not seem too bothered about it. My mind was elsewhere.

First of all, was it Monday or Tuesday, I don’t know, but from out of nowhere it hit me that I don’t have a tourist visa, which I’ll need as my mum will come and visit me at the end of November. Coming from Finland I automatically get 30 days in the country, but I realized that I’ll need at least 16 more in order to not leave my mum to go travel by herself (not an option). I could do a visa run and go to Malaysia for a couple of days but the first day I’d be able to do that is day 31, which would mean overstaying by one day but would I be guaranteed to get back into the country after that? I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t want to risk it.

Also, I wanted to ship some stuff home in order to not have to carry everything with me all through SEA, but I didn’t as much as look into different shipping alternatives and costs, the cost of it being the deal breaker for me, until going to bed on Tuesday night. What a mess it was, and SO expensive! Why didn’t I do this earlier!? 

Consequently, I was running around the Junction on Wednesday with my carry on in one hand and an umbrella in the other to say goodbye to my friend Mimi who’d been away for six weeks, go to the Post Office and if it’d turn out way too expensive some other place I’d looked up as well, to to the bank to see how to close my account from overseas and to Tuckshop for one last lunch and goodbyes (nooooo!).

Tuckshop crew – quite impossible to beat!

Once again I was shaking, however this time around not from coffee but from being so happy to still be there, and I hadn’t even finished packing. (Luckily Laure had taken the day off to help me, who knows where I’d be otherwise!)

For the first time in a long time I finished packing with a proper margin. I wanted to make myself one last banana pancake before leaving for the airport, and there I was by stove when Laure asked me how the last pancake was going; I guess it wasn’t looking too good, hmm. As expected, it broke down completely and I started laughing hysterically which soon turned into crying hysterically and I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE.

All the emotions, all the coffee… It was too much.

We got an Uber to the airport, Laure came with me, and I’ve never before seen or perhaps paid attention to so many families and friends and couples (the worst of them all) crying their eyes out while saying goodbye to each other. One last hug here, one last kiss there, and off the people disappeared behind the wall saying DEPARTURES…

As for myself, it was time for one last photo, one last hug and au revoir, bon voyage, c’est la vie… no, skip the last; and off I was.

Happy faces, sad hearts. Au revoir, my friend!

And so in the series of ”and so I found myself in [insert name of location]”, I am now in Phuket, Thailand. I arrived yesterday morning and it was pouring down when I got out of the airport, but I didn’t mind. I’m not here to tourist around, so it might as well be raining. My last day in Sydney had been super grey as well, one couldn’t even separate the sea from the sky, so it was only logical to be the case here, too.

After an hour and a half on a minibus, I arrived at the hostel that I’d very much reluctantly booked myself for two nights right next to Patong Beach. Having checked in I spent an hour trying to get myself going, that familiar, slightly paralyzing feeling that follows the thought of ”what the heck am I doing here” washing over me.

Just do it, just go.

The streets were flooded, but off I went to the Immigrations Office to try to get my visa extension sorted. The weather was humid, not unbearable so, though.

Just embrace it, girl, and try to avoid not to slip, okay? Okay.

1900 baht and a few hours later it was all sorted, and I could breathe out. Phew! Luckily I’d booked to stay in Phuket for a full two days instead of just one as the King of Thailand died one year ago today, which means that everything is closed today. I got myself a few necessities like a pencil sharpener and some chips, yup, and went back to the hostel to get started with the yoga teacher training materials that we’d been assigned to dig into before arriving on the island. It went something like this:

Chapter 1 on what is yoga and the connection between body and mind, specifically the role of the mind on the health of the body: ”Wow, this is exactly what I want to get into! This is going to be an amazing month.

Chapter 2 on the philosophy of asana, or posture, the most visible symbol of yoga: ”Omg, I don’t understand one word of this. Should I…? Ahhh.

And I was ready to go to bed, which I did, at 8 pm. Not going to give up on my daily routines here, nope!

Now it’s Friday, 7.30 am. I’ve had yoghurt with granola and fruit salad, and a coffee. Two coffees, actually. With a massive to do list for the day there is no time to be wasted, I need to get myself organized for the coming four weeks of who knows what, I really don’t know. I have no idea of what to expect. It’s like I’m falling, free falling just like two weeks ago when skydiving in New Zealand except now I can really feel it. Free fallin’ into the unknown…

Excited yet nervous, thinking back at Australia and New Zealand and all that’s been I’m not sure if I’m prepared for what’s to come, but I’m ready to dive in, as ready as I can be. I mean, I have no choice but to.

Leap, and the net will appear. 

See you on the other side!

Big thoughts and big love,